CBS’ Major Garrett Goes Off on Trump’s Birther Presser: ‘This Was a Dog-and-Pony Show’

major-garrettOne of the most incredulous media reactions to Donald Trump‘s birther presser this past Friday went a little under the radar, and it came from CBS’ Major Garrett.

In giving his immediate reaction to CBSN, Garrett––who previously worked at Fox News––declared, “Let us stop investing this with any gravity, okay? This was a dog-and-pony show, first and foremost… for the Trump hotel.”

He called the presser, which featured 30 seconds of Trump trying to put his birtherism to bed, “a completely invented event” solely for “creating commercial awareness of a new Trump property.”

“Let’s just call this what it is,” he said. “An effort to do something on behalf of Trump’s commercial interests.”

Garrett also took the time to debunk the idea that Trump supposedly “closed this issue” of Obama’s birth in 2011.

CBS News posted the video on its website, but edited out the first bit due to some apparent audio issues.

Watch above, via CBSN.

[image via screengrab]

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