CBS’ Major Garrett: White House ‘Warned’ in April Obamacare Website Headed for ‘Disastrous’ Launch

According to findings released by congressional investigators, members of President Barack Obama’s administration were warned that problems plagued the Affordable Care Act’s federal health insurance exchange portal as early as the spring of this year.

CBS News White House Correspondent Major Garrett reported that senior White House officials, including officials at the Department of Health and Human Services, reviewed that report which identified a number of critical problems with the website.

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Among the issues plaguing the website were a lack of time to test the site, “too much dependency” on outside contractors, and “a lack of communication” between those contractors and the federal government.

Garrett reported that those flaws “crippled the website’s launch” and “left hundreds of thousands of potential consumers on the sideline.” As a result, the administration fell well short of their goal for enrollees in the insurance exchanges in the first month of implementation.

Furthermore, as Garrett noted, the White House has conceded that the site is only expected to be able to accommodate 80 percent of potential enrollees after it has been supposedly fixed on November 30.

Watch the video below via CBS:

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