CBS News’ Major Garrett Expresses Solidarity With Jim Acosta: WH Reporters Must ‘Lock Arms’


CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett appeared on The Late Show and weighed in on the fiery press conference President Donald Trump had earlier in the day.

Garrett told Stephen Colbert that it was the most “bombastic” news conference he had ever attended in his entire career, noting how there were “three or four throw downs” in the first two or three rows.

Peter Alexander stood up for Jim Acosta. Is that the appropriate thing to do?” Colbert asked. “Should reporters do the for each other or is it every man for himself?”

“Historically, it’s  all one man, one woman for him, herself. You do your thing, I’ll do my thing, I’m going to try to be as competitive as I can, get my question, get my answer, and that’s it,” Garrett responded. “Now, because there is a collective sense the president is not play acting with attacks on the media and maybe means it and those of us who attend rallies know his supporters react to it, sometimes in ways that are so hostile to make us concerned about our own physical safety, that there is a more of an impetus to sort of lock arms, just a little bit and say, ‘Mr. President, if you’re going to come at us that aggressively, we are going to lock arms because collectively, the First Amendment is what unites all of us and in the room and in the moment, we at least have to express that to you and have you take it seriously.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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