CBS News Requested LexisNexis Delete Transcript of Debunked Benghazi Report

CBS News and 60 Minutes became the center of controversy last year when it turned out that they had aired a segment on the 2012 Benghazi attacks with a witness who had later discredited himself in contradictory testimony to the FBI. The segment’s reporter Lara Logan took a leave of absence, and the network began an investigation of what went wrong with the flagship newsmagazine show’s editorial process.

And now, ThinkProgress reports that CBS seems to have requested that journalistic document database LexisNexis remove all traces of the infamous segment’s transcript.

When one attempts to search in the Lexis database for the October 27, 2013 60 Minutes transcript, all that comes up for Logan’s segment is a blank space with a note that “This document has been deleted at the request of CBS News due to legal or copyright reasons.”

ThinkProgress screen-grabbed their searches to show the deletion notes:

We’ve reached out to CBS for comment and will update if and when they respond.

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