CBS Panel Rips Hillary’s ‘Charade of Transparency’ and ‘Serial Disingenuous Behavior’

CBS’s Face the Nation roundtable discussion this morning focused squarely on Hillary Clinton‘s perceived transparency issues, with the panelists each laying out how such concerns are an immediate issue for her presidential campaign.

The Atlantic politics writer Molly Ball suggested the view that Clinton has transparency problems is “not just a media narrative, it is a fact the Clintons, especially Hillary, are very guarded, very secretive people.” She added that the recent Clinton email dump may be a “charade of transparency” aimed at making the candidate seem more upfront than she is currently viewed.

National Journal‘s Ron Fournier had perhaps the strongest words, describing the Clintons as engaging in “serial disingenuous behavior” as they push back on stories about investigations into the former Secretary of State’s emails.

“There is a big story and big questions ahead to be asked about what she’s hiding in the emails, why she’s not being transparent, and why’s she’s not following the rules,” he continued.

“This is something that has to concern the Clinton campaign,” The Washington Post’s Dan Balz added. “They cannot take this lightly.”

Watch below, via CBS:

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[Image via CBS/screengrab]

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