CBS This Morning: ‘Not a Good Look’ for Democrats Protecting ‘Older, White Male’ Incumbents

CBS This Morning provided a curious report Tuesday morning that focused on the “unintended consequences” that have come from Democratic House leadership looking to protect incumbents in the coming 2020 election.

Presented by newly appointed co-host Tony Dokoupil, who noted that under this new guideline, no Democratic consultant can work with a candidate challenging an incumbent. He then noted that, because two-thirds of the incumbents are “older, white men”  and that the people making the challenges are “often younger, often people of color,” ending with “not a good look for the Democratic party.”

Co-host Gayle King aimed to make light of the report, saying “white men are everywhere” and opening her arms Carol Merrill style to point out her two white male cohosts. But some may see the segment as evidence of anti-white male bias? To wit:

The good news for CBS This Morning hosts and producers? At least they are producing segments that are finally getting some attention!

Watch above via CBS.



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