CBS’s John Dickerson Hits Trump: You Can’t Say You Don’t Know About Something and Be On Tape Discussing It


CBS News anchor John Dickerson appeared on The Late Show and weighed in on various subjects surrounding the Trump presidency.

Dickerson first addressed the recently-released that recorded then-candidate Donald Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen discussing the payment of silencing former Playboy model Karen McDougal about her alleged affair him the current president.

“You cannot say you don’t know about something and then be on tape orchestrating the arrangement of the thing you previously said you didn’t know about,” Dickerson said.

“He’s that good,” Stephen Colbert reacted.

The CBS This Morning co-host called it “quite a serious deal” and that we all should still think that our president “should tell us the truth about things.”

Colbert then pointed out that we now “grade” Trump’s lies “on a scale” that includes “betraying our country to a hostile foreign power,” but Dickerson added that the scale was also changed for Bill Clinton after being exposed for his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

The Late Show host then pressed Dickerson if the affair coverup will “stick” to Trump or have any affect on his supporters. He explained to Colbert how Republicans stand firmly behind the president, even after his widely-panned summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In the CBS poll, 86% of Republicans give him an approval rating, just overall. And then on the economy and North Korea, it’s even higher than that,” Dickerson said. “On this question of handling Putin, it’s a 70. Now, 70 is still pretty good, right, but in our tribal times where everybody is on your team no matter what, to be at 70 and not in the high 80s suggests there’s some group of Republicans who think it wasn’t— and don’t have confidence in his performance. So that’s a pretty small little sliver.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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