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Cee Lo, Puppets And Gwyeth Paltrow Impossibly Add Up To Grammy Gold

Cee Lo Green had one of the most infectious songs of the last year called F*ck You, but the original iteration made it impossible for radio and broadcast television to embrace. No problem, Green quickly re-cut a different version, rebranding it as Forget You, so that innocent ears of broadcast television viewers could enjoy the pop confection. On tonight’s Grammy Awards more than made up for the censoring of original version, adding feathers, puppets and an oddly cast Gwyneth Paltrow. This just in: Paltrow sang this song on an episode of Glee, so perhaps she was not as oddly chosen as previously thought (though we still seemed a bit odd.)

Cee Lo’s outfit — and perhaps the who concept behind the performance — seems to be an homage to Elton John’s performance on The Muppet Show back in the last millennium. Brilliant!

Watch the video below courtesy of CBS:

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