Celebrity Photographers Apparently Don’t Watch MSNBC, Don’t Know Who Lawrence O’Donnell Is

Well, the big boss man, Dan Abrams, walked in the office a little while ago and, as always, started bragging about all the super awesome parties he gets to go to. Apparently, last night, he got to attend the premiere of HBO’s new movie Game Change. We wanted to know more about the festivities so we started browsing around online when we noticed something a little weird. It would appear that celebrity photographers aren’t fans of The Last Word.

We ended up on the website of Patrick McMullan, one of the preeminent celebrity photographers, and found something interesting in his shots of the night. See if you can pick it out:

We have since filled out the form to let the site know that that appears to be MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, prime time host for, y’know, the last six months. As media watchdogs, it’s our job to help out with things like that.

It’s funny but O’Donnell shouldn’t feel bad. At least he was invited…

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