Cenk Uygur and David Urban Clash Over Epstein Plea Deal Goes Off the Rails: ‘You’re So Lame’


The Young TurksCenk Uygur and CNN conservative commentator David Urban collided on Wednesday night as they discussed whether Alex Acosta mishandled Jeffrey Epstein’s case years ago when the latter was first accused of sexual abuse.

The conversation began when Urban defended Acosta by repeating what the Labor secretary said in his press conference about how Epstein might’ve gotten off even more easily than he did if Acosta’s office didn’t reach a plea deal with him.

“Do you think anybody there wanted to let this creep go?” Urban said. “I promise you they didn’t.”

Uygur replied by calling Acosta’s remarks (about how times have changed) “the worst excuse I’ve ever heard,” before also noting that the former Palm Beach County state attorney said Acosta’s recollection of the case is “completely wrong.”

Uygur summed up that Acosta struck his deal with Epstein “because he’s rich and he’s connected,” and that “a bunch of rich people get together and go ‘Hey, should we let our buddy off?’ ‘Well you guys are representing him so okay, fine, let’s let him off!'”

“That’s such a joke,” Urban responded. “People are way smarter, make an argument that holds water buddy.”

Chris Cuomo managed to stop the discussion from careening off the rails, and from there he butted heads with Urban about the process by which prosecutors and Epstein’s defense team reached the deal. Uygur argued that the deal comes back to the fact that Acosta administered it at the time, and that “he was so lenient on a child molester!”

The meltdown eventually continued with Uygur saying to Urban “don’t try to blame women,” to which, Urban responded “you’re so lame” and you should really just watch for yourself.

Watch above, via CNN.

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