Jason Chaffetz Snaps at Marie Harf in Heated Segment: ‘Go Work for One of the Other Cable News Networks’


Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz snapped at liberal Fox News commentator Marie Harf after she claimed there was little evidence to support allegations that President Donald Trump’s campaign was nefariously targeted by the Obama administration.

Chaffetz, once the House Oversight Committee chairman, was on to talk about Attorney General Bill Barr dropping hints to Fox News about the criminal charges that could stem from Durham’s review on the origins of the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation. Chaffetz brought up Michael Horowitz’s assessment of the improper actions taken by investigators, before listing a series of Trump’s intelligence community foes, decrying decrying “rogue agencies going after somebody in a political campaign.”

After Chaffetz complained that the Trump campaign was “never” briefed about Russian interference (the FBI did warn the Trump campaign that Russia was trying to infiltrate his campaign), Harf dismissed Barr’s “insinuations that sound very scary and not putting forward any evidence to back any of it up.”

The former Obama administration staffer proceeded to defend the investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, saying that despite its imperfections, “it was predicated on a real counterintelligence threat.”

“We saw very concerning evidence that it was a totally appropriate investigation,” Harf said. “And I don’t think Obama administration officials should be, or are, worried.”

Chaffetz then invoked the Steele dossier to blast the investigation’s foundation and shot back at Harf “Don’t tell me there is no evidence, Marie.”

There is over a thousand pages of the inspector general with criminal recommendations to the Department of Justice. It’s already there in black and white. To say they have nothing to be worried about? Go ahead! Go work for one of the other cable news networks, a lot of them already do. The attorney general is following the facts and he’s doing exactly what he should be doing.

“Wow. Okay,” Harris Faulkner replied, sending the show to break.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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