Chainsaw-Wielding Sarah Palin Complains About Conservationists With Their “Pretty Little Pencils”

Only one more episode until TLC‘s Sarah Palin’s Alaska calls it a season. But before the fun is over, Sarah Palin, meet chainsaw. On the “Logging” episode of her reality show, Palin learned how to chop down a tree and jumped right in to “one of the most dangerous jobs,” by taking a chainsaw to the tree faster than she can fire off one of her tweets.

And for any environmental conservationists out there, upset with Palin for whatever reason, she’s got a few words for you too:

Conservationists [who] write me nasty letters because I support [logging], usin’ their pretty little pencils and their pretty little stationery, not realizin,’ where do you think your pencil and your stationery comes from? It came from a tree that was harvested!

Conservationists watch out, Palin has a chainsaw and she knows how to use it!

(h/t Entertainment Weekly)

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