Charles Barkley Calls Tucker Carlson A “Nobody “Idiot” For Vick Execution Remark

Former basketball star Charles Barkley was in rare form tonight during the Mavericks / Thunder game on TNT as he took time to address something that’s been weighing on his mind. Barkley vented about Tucker Carlson‘s recent comment that Philadelphia Eagles football player Michael Vick should be executed for his role in dog fighting – a comment Carlson later clarified, telling Hannity viewers that he “overspoke.” According to Barkley, Carlson is merely “some idiot on another network.”

Barkley evidently doesn’t think too highly of the oft-bowtied pundit, calling him a “nobody” who “used to work for us for us over here. We fired him because he sucked, now he goes over there.” Fellow sportscaster Ernie Johnson gently reminded Barkley that Carlson later “backed off” from his original comment, although he agreed that Carlson shouldn’t have said the comment in the first place.

Barkley then emphasized, twice, that Vick has “already paid his debt to society.” And that he’s praying for him, doggone it.

Watch the video from TNT below:

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