Charles Barkley: ‘Jackass’ Sterling Needs to Go, ‘We Are a Black League’

TNT’s NBA halftime show today tackled the Donald Sterling controversy, with both Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley weighing in on his alleged racist rantings. O’Neal said that the big question right now is how the L.A. Clippers will react and whether they “take these remarks personally” and decide they don’t want to play for someone who doesn’t like his girlfriend publicly associating with black people.

Barkley called on NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to “suspend him and fine him immediately,” and made the obvious point that you can’t have a racist owner in a sport where the overwhelming majority of players are black. He said, “We cannot have an owner discriminating against a league that––we’re a black league, Ernie. We are a black league.”

Kenny Smith took note of Sterling’s “primitive thought process” that he can work with black people, he just doesn’t like associating with them. Barkley pointed out, however, that it would be “unfair” to punish the Clippers, because the coach and players are in a particularly tight spot now. He said, “The team can’t say we’re gonna shut down because our owner’s a jackass. That’s not fair to the players.

Watch the video below, via TNT:

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