Charles Blow And Katie Pavlich Trade Barbs In Heated Piers Morgan Debate

A debate over the Supreme Court’s decision to call the fine on not having insurance a “tax” today got heated on Piers Morgan Tonight when author Katie Pavlich tried to respond to New York Times columnist Charles Blow on whether the fine was, in fact, a tax– a claim Blow said he never made. After a series of calls to from Pavlich to not be interrupted and calls from Blow for Pavlich to “stop putting words in my mouth,” the two failed to agree on their interpretations of the decision, seemly much to the delight of Piers Morgan.

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Pavlich and Blow were part of a panel with the much less incensed Ryan Lizza, who in their second segment began the talk explaining Chief Justice Roberts’ decision as “basically said to Congress, ‘Dont play games, if something is going to be a tax, call it a tax.'” Morgan then turned to Blow to discuss Romney’s reaction to the decision, and he argued that “Romney has a chair in every corner of the room,” and health care is “only one of those issues.” He also argued that it was “disingenuous for people on the right who are not even in this category [young people without insurance] to throw up their hands in a huff… you’re not even subject to this.”

Pavlich replied that it was, at the end of the day, a tax– one which Blow had called as such. Blow took objection to her saying he had called it a tax, which then led to Pavlich trying to finish her sentences with Blow talking over her, requesting that she not “put words in my mouth.” After her asking him to “stop interrupting me” a few times, she managed to get out that he had argued “Republicans shouldn’t be championing the health care of minorities and poor people,” another claim Blow interrupted to say he hadn’t made. After a bit of crosstalk, Pavlich definitively noted she was “not talking to you, Mr. Blow,” concluding that the prices for health care would be so high that “to call this an Affordable Care Act is, in your words, disingenuous.”

“No, you’re disingenuous!” Blow replied.

“I rather like the dynamic we are creating tonight!” Morgan jumped in, hinting that he would like to see more of this on his show in the future.

The segment via CNN below:

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