Charles Blow Spars With S.E. Cupp Over Rick Santorum’s Electability

New York Times columnist Charles Blow and Daily News political writer S.E. Cupp engaged in a lively tête-à-tête on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co Tuesday about the electability of Rick Santorum.

“To my point of the establishment, Charles, are they thinking, maybe Rick Santorum can win?” Chris Jansing asked.

“No.” Blow replied, “Maybe they think it, but no one else thinks it. Rick Santorum scares the bejesus out of people.”

“Clearly people think it!” Cupp interjected. “His poll numbers are up, Charles!”

“People in the Republican Party may think that,” Blow continued, “but –”

“Well, right, Democrats wouldn’t,” Cupp interrupted.

“Excuse me,” Blow countered. “Christine O’Donnell won the Republican primary, doesn’t mean she can win the general. What the Republican establishment wants is to win the general election and Rick Santorum is making himself completely unelectable by continuing to not be the son of a coal miner, which is actually a good message to run on and to be a family man and to be a man of faith.”

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Cupp explained that Santorum had younger conservatives excited because of his “three-fer election night” in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri.

“He has to pivot and cannot depend on the news cycle for the rest of the election season,” Cupp observed. “He has to make the argument that the social issues, these moral issues are also economic issues. He can do that. I have seen him do it on the stump. He needs to do it on the national stage.”

“You cannot pivot from ‘college where Satan is having his biggest impact’ and pivot that into an economic issue,” Blow replied. “That’s just a fallacy, you can’t do that.”

Later in the segment, Blow called out Santorum for deeming President Obama a snob for wanting Americans to pursue higher learning.

“How is Obama wanting people to go to college making Obama a snob on economic issues?” Blow asked.

“If everyone’s in college, who is in the factories, Charles?” Cupp zinged. “If everyone’s in college, who is bringing back the manufacturing industry?”

Jansing pointed out that Santorum’s quote about Obama wanting people to attend college was slightly off, correcting Cupp as Blow called Cupp’s argument a “right wing fallacy.”

“I got it,” Cupp said, “but you’re asking if there’s an economic connection, and of course, there is!”

Watch the back-and-forth below via MSNBC:

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