Charles Krauthammer Chides Obama For “Narcissism” On O’Reilly Factor

Bill O’Reilly began one segment on the Factor tonight by reveling in the results of a recent Politico/George Washington University poll that said more Americans get their election coverage from Fox News than any other network, and that suggested O’Reilly himself is viewed as having a largely positive impact on national discourse. O’Reilly noted that most media people didn’t talk about this poll (this site, of course, excepted), but O’Reilly and guest Charles Krauthammer did…and Krauthammer came to the conclusion that President Barack Obama displays strong narcissistic tendencies.

Krauthammer lauded Fox for “[breaking] the liberal monopoly on the news,” and said Obama’s criticism of the network “a sign of his narcissism” because the network existed “before…anybody ever heard of him.” Krauthammer also singled out Obama’s appearance in Germany during the presidential campaign as evidence of narcissism.

While the argument could be made that anyone who runs for a position with as much power as president of the United States almost has to have some of that quality, accusing someone of it during a segment that essentially exists to point out how positively both the network the program is appearing on, as well as the host of the program, are viewed might not be the ideal time for such talk. Video of the conversation below.

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