Charles Krauthammer Likens Obama’s Award For Transparency To His Nobel Prize

President Barack Obama would had planned on accepting an award recognizing “his deep commitment to an open and transparent government—of, by, and for the people” in conjunction with something called “Sunshine Week.” While the award ceremony has since been canceled, the recognition of transparency for this White House has predictably become a political football, kicked back and forth by partisan pundits of every political stripe. Case in point? Charles Krauthammer, who compared this award to another controversial laurel received by Obama: his Nobel Peace Prize.

Appearing on Special Report with Bret Baier , Kratuhammer had this perspective (transcript via):

I think that award on transparency would have been the domestic equivalent of the Nobel he had for Peace after having done so little nobody could see it except the gentleman on the Nobel committee. Look, I’m not terribly agitated with a lack of transparency. Every administration, tries to hide what is embarrassing and show everything else.

Watch the clip embedded below courtesy of Fox News:

(H/T RealClearPolitics)

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