Charles Krauthammer On Herman Cain’s Incoherent Abortion Stance: ‘He’s Winging It’

Krauthammer On Herman Cain's 'Entirely Incoherent' Abortion Stance: 'He's Winging It'

Herman Cain‘s stance on abortion seems to have confused everyone into anger this week: pro-choice people, because he insists he is “100% pro life”; pro-life people, because he says abortion isn’t the government’s business; and Charles Krauthammer, who thinks is a sign that Herman Cain doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is just wasting everyone’s time.

On last night’s Special Report, Krauthammer discussed the comments with the nightly panel, including ABC News’ Rick Klein, who had a slightly more euphemistic interpretation of what Cain was up to. “He has risen more in this race than he ever imagined,” he argued, and so seems more concerned with pleasing whatever reporter he is talking to at the moment than making any coherent arguments.

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Krauthammer replied that Klein was putting it mildly. “I saw him on Stossel— entirely incoherent.” “It’s not just that he hasn’t thought it out,” he argued, “he’s winging it,” and so the incoherence stems from Cain just making things up on the spot.

The segment via Fox News below:

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