Charles Payne Claims ‘The Left’ is Using Puerto Rico’s Disaster to Re-Shape Electoral Map

It appears that Fox Business host Charles Payne may be auditioning for a spot at Alex Jones’ conspiratorial-rag InfoWars.

In what he described himself as a conspiracy theory, Payne claimed “the left” is using the latest hurricane crisis to bring Puerto Ricans to mainland America with the aim of shifting the electoral map to favor Democrats.

His full utterly unfounded allegation went as follows:

“You know guys, I got a little conspiratorial theory of my own: I got a lot of relatives in Puerto Rico — a lot of people are trying to leave, more so now than just two or three days ago because the big rumor is that they’re going to quarantine the island. My thinking is, in one [Puerto Rican] household alone we’ve got someone going to Texas, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. If the Left could populate enough states with the people from Puerto Rico, you may tilt the electoral map.”

Essentially, Payne is flat-out saying that there is a vast left-wing conspiracy which involves taking advantage of the catastrophe in Puerto Rico by transferring the island’s population to moderate or Republican areas, so as to pull in more Democrat votes. This wild claim is a favorite of the far right, as pundits like Ann Coulter constantly fret over the impact Latino immigration will have on GOP electoral success.

One of the guests during the segment, the Washington Examiner’s Emily Jashinsky, agreed with Payne’s overall assertion by saying, “This is why the left is typically more favorable toward the idea of giving Puerto Rico statehood.” However, she did laugh off Payne’s full theory and said she “wasn’t so sure” about it.

With a Fox Business record tarnished by sexual assault allegations, keeping his options open with these InfoWars-level conspiracies may be the right move for Payne.

Watch the above via Fox Business.

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