Charles Ramsey Begins National Media Tour: Talks Kidnapping Rescue With GMA’s George Stephanopoulos

The man who helped Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry escape from her captors’ home has seemingly begun his national media tour. Charles Ramsey appeared this morning, via satellite, on Good Morning America to talk about the ordeal with George Stephanopoulos.

With a little endorsement of Red Bull and bottled water, Ramsey explained how he has been “pushing it to the level” in order to deal with all the media attention.

He reiterated that he is uncomfortable with being called a hero. “It’s going to be a while, bro,” he told Stephanopoulos as he described how the intense emotions of the story have yet to catch up with him. Hearing from Berry that there were three more girls in that house, Ramsey said, was one of those moments that hit him hard.

For the first half of the conversation, Ramsey seemed distant and tired; a bit terse in his responses. But eventually he sat forward in his chair, leaned into the camera, and told Stephanopoulos of how bizarre it was to eat the Castros’ food and barbecue with them while having not a single clue that multiple women were being held captive inside the home. “Had I known that, well, this would’ve been a whole different interview, wouldn’t it?” he said.

Watch the full — at times bizarre — interview below, via ABC:

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