Charlie Hebdo Staff Previews New Issue: ‘We Will Try to Speak with Joy’


With three million copies of new issue due hitting the stands tomorrow, one week after the terrorist attack at their office that left a dozen people dead, the remaining staff of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo confirmed to the press Tuesday morning that the magazine would publish on undeterred.

“I will try to speak about this new edition with joy,” said editor-in-chief Gerard Briard through a translator, “because we are happy to have managed it.”

On the cover, which features a weeping Muhammed, Briard said, “It was complicated to find, because it had to say something about us, and it had to say something about the event with which we were confronted. In this edition, everyone is there. Everyone is in it.”

He added that when cartoonist Ronald Luzier showed them the cover, “they jumped up with joy.”

“There is a future, but we don’t know yet what it will resemble,” Briard continued. “There will be a newspaper. There will be no interruption. That is to say that in two weeks’ time in kiosks there will be a new edition of Charlie Hebdo. We’ll see which one. For the time being we can’t tell you any more because we don’t know ourselves.”

Luzier then discussed in detail the challenge of making the new issue after the attacks.

The editors also thanked high-profile new subscribers, including Kindergarten Cop star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who tweeted a right-back-atcha:

Watch the clip below, via CNN:

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