Charlie Rangel: Obama Critics Coming from Confederate, ‘Slaveholder States’

In an interview with NBC News’ Kasie Hunt, Congressman Charlie Rangel (who’s facing a tough primary election tomorrow) addressed the question of whether President Obama‘s critics are racist by pointing out a lot of them are from former Confederate states, but also that they’re from “slaveholder states.”

Hunt asked Rangel if he thinks, as he has strongly suggested multiple times before, opposition to Obama is animated by racism. Rangel said it’s a subjective matter, but added, “Are most of the states that they represent, are they in the Confederate states that fought the Union? Were they slaveholder states? And when they come to Washington, do you see more Confederate flags than American flags?”

He said it has to take “a lot of hatred” for Republicans to “hurt their own people” in order to score political points with Obama, and so, he concluded, “this would not be the same if the president was not of color.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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