Charlie Rangel On His Past Tax Problems: ‘Tax Code Is Too Damn Complicated’

Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel appeared on Follow The Money and host Eric Bolling asked him about his “well-documented tax problems” and why that alone isn’t proof that Americans are being “taxed to death?” Rangel laughed and humorously repeated that the “tax code is too damn complicated.”

Rangel however agreed with President Obama’s belief that taxes for the rich will eventually have to increase, arguing:

“When you are the biggest, most beautiful nation in the entire world, the best universities, the highest caliber of healthcare, the most powerful military nation in the world – these things cost money – roads, airports, tunnels. The only thing we should be discussing is if the tax code is fair.”

The one issue where Rangel and Bolling found some common ground was being upset with GE and their ability to take advantage of many tax loopholes. Concluding, Bolling again brought up Rangel’s tax problems and wondered why Americans should trust anyone in Washington on tax policy, yet Rangel defused the accusation by laughing again and saying tax reform is long overdue.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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