Charlie Sykes Condemns Republicans for Attacks on Impeachment Witnesses: ‘Becoming Co-Conspirators… in Ongoing Attack on America’


Conservative columnist and fervent Never Trumper Charlie Sykes condemned the barrage of insults and attacks that Congressional Republicans have unleashed on the witnesses in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, analogizing their efforts to protect the president at all costs to acting as “co-conspirators” in an “ongoing attack on America.”

Speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Sykes decried the overwhelming fealty of Republican Senators like Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn, who on Friday castigated National Security Council aide Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman as “vindictive Vindman” and baselessly accused him of being the “whistleblower’s handler.”

“I’ve covered Marsha Blackburn,” Matthews noted. “She’s a public servant, certainly further right than I’d like, but why is she making fun of a guy who served the country all these years? ‘Vindictive vindman,’ what is she in this game for?”

“Well, Trumpism corrupts and it apparently corrupts absolutely,” Sykes said. “The fact you have a United States senator who is adopting this sort of puerile, playground rhetoric of Donald Trump and then attacking a decorated veteran. There’s not point to it. It’s the spread of the hackery in this era that’s really so amazing.”

“The way in which Republicans, and I wonder whether they listen to that phone call. they realize what they’re defending, that really what’s happened is they’re now becoming co-conspirators to what Donald Trump has been doing,” Sykes added. “This is an ongoing scandal, the attempt to demean and to degrade the whistleblowers and the people — the public servants who are coming out and speaking, the attempt to run cover for the Russians, who are continuing to attack the electoral process. This is not a scandal that took place in the past. This is happening in real time. And so when you have jurors in the Senate trial who decided that they’re going to lower themselves to Donald Trump’s level, yet they have to realize what role they’re actually playing in history, and frankly, in this ongoing attack on America.”

“Well, if you roll around with dogs you get fleas,” Matthews noted.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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