Charlie Sykes Says Republicans Who Supported Trump and Are Calling on Cuomo to Resign ‘Have No Shame Whatsoever’


On Thursday’s edition of the ReidOut, MSNBC’s Joy Reid highlighted the double standard some Republicans have shown when politicians in their party are accused of sexual misconduct. Her remarks come soon after the New York attorney general issued a report concluding that Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo engaged in sexual harassment against multiple women. In response, the governor is facing calls to resign from Republicans and Democrats alike.

Though Reid thinks Cuomo should step down, she argued that many Republicans don’t have any credibility to call on Cuomo to do so. She pointed to the accusations that have been made against Reps. Madison Cawthorn and Matt Gaetz, as well as Donald Trump, who has 26 accusers.

“And the attitude is, so?” said Reid when it comes to other Republicans’ reactions to such charges.

With that as a backdrop, Reid then asked Charlie Sykes what’s driving Cuomo’s thought process.

“First of all, he’s actually thinking that he can use the Trump rules, right?” Sykes said. “Which is, never apologize, never resign, try to discredit the investigation and the attackers. And what he’s discovering is, I think, that the Trump rules don’t apply to him.”

He added, “The extraordinary story to me is the way that the Democrats are willing to hold their own accountable. I mean, this is a real contrast.”

Sykes said Cuomo may be looking at the examples of Trump and Bill Clinton, who did not resign despite allegations of sexual misconduct against them. The difference, he said, is that Cuomo “doesn’t have a party that is going to line up behind him like Donald Trump had.”

Sykes said he believes that “the Democrats have learned they paid a price for not holding Bill Clinton more accountable for his behavior. They lined up behind him. But that Democratic Party is now not going to make the same mistake with Andrew Cuomo.”

He added, “Republicans who are piling on Andrew Cuomo, having supported Donald Trump, obviously have no shame whatsoever.”

“None,” said Reid.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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