Chelsea Handler Calls Out Piers Morgan: You ‘Love Flirting’ With Your Guests

Last night, CNN’s Piers Morgan found himself, as a kick-off to his one-year anniversary celebration, in the role of interviewee when late night host (and, now, sitcom star) Chelsea Handler confronted Morgan about his aggressive — and often flirtatious — interviewing style.

“What would you like your epitaph to say?” Handler asked, then issued the obvious follow-up: “Ok, you love your celebrity guests, and you love flirting with them, as we can see here.” Burn.

Morgan hit back. “You’ve a very rude demeanor when it comes to responding to what the guests are saying,” he said. “You’re supposed to engage. It’s not all about you.” Mega burn.

Handler responded that she’s only being rude because she was asked to play Morgan for a day. Mega burn vs. giant burnopus.

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As she leaned back in her chair, Handler chided Morgan for not maintaining eye contact (ahem), before noting that he flirts with both men and women.

“I’m ambidextrous,” joked Morgan. “What can I say?”

Handler, obviously very excited over the interview, had previously teased the show on Twitter in an appropriately Handleresque manner:

Watch the flirt fest, via CNN:

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