Chelsea Handler Assumed Racists Were Just ‘Dumb People From The South’

Chelsea Handler, the comedian, talk show host, and now Netflix documentarian, went on Today Tuesday morning, and explained to Matt Lauer that, far from being a bunch of ignorant bumpkins, racists can be remarkably book smart.

Handler sat down with Lauer to promote her new four-part documentary for the online streaming service, with one part devoted to each of the following topics: racism, marriage, Silicon Valley, and drugs. Handler explained that in order to probe the nature of marriage, she went on blind dates; to discuss drugs, she dropped psychedelics on Netflix’s dime; and to examine racism in America, she rubbed elbows with what she described as some surprisingly erudite haters:

From Gossip Cop:

Handler began by telling Matt Lauer that while shooting her special she realized “how little” she knew about racism, believing that racists were just “dumb people from the South who aren’t educated.” She then added that what she encountered were “really educated, intellectual racists, which I find amazing.”

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