Chelsea Handler Roasts Piers: ‘Maybe That’s Why Your Job Is Coming to an End’

Chelsea Handler, like any good comic, has absolutely no filter, and she gave Piers Morgan what for on Monday night, shaming him for tweeting during the commercial break instead of being a good host and paying attention to his guest. She prodded Morgan a bit when she said, “I have to come here and tolerate this nonsense.” Morgan shot back, “What nonsense? It’s designed to flaunt your tawdry book.”

But it’s when Morgan brought up the subject of Twitter that things got really interesting. Handler called out his commercial tweeting and said, “You can’t even pay attention for 60 seconds. You’re a terrible interviewer.” Morgan said, “Well, you just weren’t keeping my attention.” Handler replied, “But that’s not my problem!” to which Morgan said, “It is your problem!”

Handler kept shaming him and said, “Listen, it doesn’t matter how interesting I am, you signed up for this job.” Morgan was insistent, and Handler noted, “Well, maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end.”

To his credit, Morgan laughed and admitted he likes it when Handler gets “nasty.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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