Chewing The Fat: CNN Investigates Barack Obama’s, Correspondents’ Eating Habits

CNN, in its continued quest to make some of us feel bad about eating our own body weight in pecan pie over the holiday, took a look at President Barack Obama‘s eating habits. So, here is, apparently, all the news that’s fit to air: The President likes food, as do reporters. Cake! Chili dogs! Freedom fries! The President’s appetite evidently knows no bounds, despite the First Lady’s healthy eating initiatives aimed at keeping America’s youth from… consuming their own body weight in pecan pie over the holiday.

Then there’s CBS White House correspondent Bill Plante, who not only enjoys food, but wine, too. AMERICAN WINE, we hope.

Eating! Drinking! Wearing Santa Claus hats on a beach! The President — and those who report on his eating habits for the benefit of those of us watching cable TV whilst fighting off a food coma on our hotel room floor — most certainly have their plates full this holiday season.

(We sincerely apologize for that pun, by the way. And blame the pecan pie.)

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