Chicago Democrat Blasts Lori Lightfoot on Fox News Over Call for Civility in ‘Public Discourse’: ‘She is the Epicenter of Toxic Politics’


Chicago Democrat Raymond Lopez dismissed a call by Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) for more civility in “public discourse,” which came only days after she took a stage in the city and said, “fuck Clarence Thomas.”

Lopez, a city alderman who says he plans on challenging Lightfoot as mayor in 2023, brought up Lightfoot’s past language about former President Donald Trump as well to better highlight the hypocrisy in her new call for civility. In 2020, Lightfoot held back on the language, but said she had a two word message for Trump, the first starting with “f” and the second ending with “u.”

“You talk about civility, you talk about toxicity, she is the epicenter of toxic politics in the city of Chicago,” Lopez told Fox & Friends first on Wednesday. The Democrat and Lightfoot critic added the mayor has “failed our city miserably,” specifically when it comes to rising crime rates.

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, 10 people were killed and over 60 shot, NBC Chicago reported. Before the weekend, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown made a call for parents to step up and be aware of where their children are at all times in an effort to curb violence and potential victims, a call Lopez said makes him a “puppet” of Lightfoot, similarly “deflecting responsibility.”

Everything that the superintendent says rings hollow when he’s trying to hold parents accountable and telling them to be aware when our own judicial system fails us on a weekly, daily basis — putting criminals back out on the street no sooner than our officers arrest them. The superintendent is following in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s footsteps and deflecting responsibility for their own actions and their own policies that enable and embolden criminals in the city of Chicago. It isn’t the parents who decided to dismantle the gang unit, narcotics unit and send the tactical units and detective units to go babysit monuments in Grant Park. It wasn’t the parents who decided that we’re going to work our officers three or four weeks without a day off. It wasn’t our parents who are not responding to 911 calls for two or three hours. That is the superintendent’s job.

Lopez labeled Brown a “$300,000 puppet to Lori Lightfoot.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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