Chimp Attack Victim Reveals Results Of Face Transplant On TODAY

A Connecticut woman who lost her eyes, hands and most of her face in a horrific chimpanzee attack has revealed the results of a face transplant. Charla Nash, who was visiting a friend when the friend’s chimp charged and attacked her, survived the attack and underwent face transplant surgery in May. “I’m beginning to feel my jaw and chin,” she told TODAY. “And I can move my mouth and smile. I still feel weak. But little by little I’m getting stronger.”

Family members talked to TODAY‘s Ann Curry, describing Nash’s recovery as amazing:

Her daughter, Brianna, is thrilled and heartened by Charla’s progress. “I think she is impatient for recovery,” Brianna told TODAY. “Her speech is getting much better and she’s been getting up and starting to eat.”

When Charla told doctors at a recent follow-up visit that she’d regained her sense of smell, an amazed Brianna could only utter one word: “Wow.”

Watch it here, from NBC News:

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