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Chris Christie Defends Mitt Romney’s Lack Of Stage Presence On Morning Joe

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a quick appearance on Morning Joe Tuesday, and offered up a few explanations of why he likes Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate he has thrown his support behind for the 2012 nomination. The most pervasive theme? That Romney can’t “own the stage” (a point Christie said would happen after he gets votes in the primaries) and seems to be somewhat stiff.

“Do I wish Mitt would be a little edgier and a little bolder? Sure. And I’ve told him that,” Christie said. “But he is who he is.”

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Christie also called Romney, “Far and away the best qualified person,” in the field of candidates. Of course, that field excludes Christie himself, who ruled out a run in October. The governor was told about Sarah Palin‘s comments on Fox Business Network Monday, where she said that it’s not too late to jump into the race.

“It’s too late,” Christie replied. “Its way too late.” So the natural follow-up would be if he regretted bowing out of what looks to be a very uncertain field. “I don’t have a moment of regret. Not even a pang of regret,” Christie said. “And here’s why — because I love the job I’m doing. How can you feel bad if you’re the governor of New Jersey?”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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