Chris Christie Delivers Icy Glare to Jimmy Fallon Over Jersey Joke

Twitter pals Jimmy Fallon and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie met IRL on Late Night Tuesday, but their bromance couldn’t begin until they cleared the air over a Jersey joke Fallon recently included in his monologue:

FALLON: I made a joke about New Jersey. It wasn’t an evil joke.

CHRISTIE: An awful, evil joke.

FALLON: Well here it is. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has cancelled a train tunnel between New York and New Jersey. As a result, New Yorkers will have to get to New Jersey as always–by accident.

Fallon apologized profusely as Christie channeled his inner Tony Soprano, delivering a pitch-perfect icy glare, and showing without words why many see this guy as a potential national candidate. (Though Christie–again–ruled out a White House run on Fallon’s show) When the applause subsided, Christie let Fallon know he was on notice. “You think it’s funny, Jimmy? Know what we do to people like that in New Jersey, Jimmy? I’ll be watching.”

Gov. Christie also explained his repetitive name, telling Fallon a family feud led to the Christopher Christie, but it wasn’t until his parents brought him home that his grandmother picked him up and said “look at little Chris Christie,” and they realized–in Fallon’s words–that the name “was cruel.”

Watch the video, from NBC:

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