Chris Christie Blasts ‘Pretentious Know-It-All’ Chuck Todd on Colbert: ‘The Guy is Just a Complete Ass’


Former governor and current ABC and CNN talker Chris Christie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Thursday night, following the second half of the NBC News Democratic Debate, and he had some notes.

Even though we’re over a year from the election, and over seven months from the first primary election, Christie said it’s time to say goodbye to a few of the candidates, following their performances on the debate stage in the two-night event.

First, host Stephen Colbert asked for the positives, and asked who was impressive and has “got game.”

Christie praised Kamala Harris first and foremost. “You know, first debates are about proving who belongs and who doesn’t. Especially in a field that big. It was the same way at our debates,” he said, referring to his own run for the Republican nomination back in 2016. “Harris tonight proved what I’ve known all along, prosecutors know how to do that.”

He praised her style and said she knew how to throw a punch and how to appear righteous, and Colbert agreed. Christie praised her for going after Joe Biden, the front-runner going into the debate. He said she had to do it, did it well, and that he was surprised that Biden wasn’t more prepared for it.

He did say he thinks Biden is okay and had a big enough margin ahead of the other candidates that he’ll stay at or near the front of the pack.

But the prognosis wasn’t so good for some of the other candidates. Christie made fun of Bernie Sanders a bit, but saved the worst for last.

Christie said how the media characterizes the candidates in the post-debate spin is just about as important as how you actually performed, and from there drew the conclusion that a few folks are basically doomed.

“So like, for instance, like tonight? Say goodbye, right, to Marianne Williams,” he said, as the audience cheered. “Say goodbye to Andrew Yang. Goodbye Andrew.”

“Say goodbye to Eric Swalwell,” he said. “I mean, ‘we’re going to break up with Russia and we’re going to make up with NATO.’ His mother is embarrassed by his performance tonight.”

But he had one more target.

“And please God, can we say goodbye to Chuck Todd?” Christie asked. The audience had a mixed reaction, and Colbert offered a “wow.”

Christie continued, blasting the NBC News reporter and Meet the Press host.

“I mean, the most, the most pretentious know-it-all on network news,” said Christie. “The guy is just a complete ass.”

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Watch the clip of Christie on Colbert, above, courtesy of CBS.

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