Chris Christie: The Jeb Bush Train ‘Has Slowed Down Significantly’

New Jersey Governor and potential 2016 candidate Chris Christie told the Today show’s Matt Lauer that he wasn’t afraid of any Jeb Bush, the establishment candidate most likely to compete with Christie for the GOP’s donor base and moderate votes.

“You would have thought that when he announced in November the he would be [my biggest rival],” Christie said. “But that train has slowed down pretty significantly.”

Christie also was unimpressed with the three freshmen senators who have declared so far.

“I think a governor is going to be the nominee,” Christie said. “While I have great respect for a number of those folks, I don’t believe that we’ve done well with an experiment of a one term U.S. Senator.”

Christie has been talked about for years as a GOP nominee, but saw his political fortunes tumble after a scandal in which his aides closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge to settle a political score.

Watch the clip below, via NBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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