Chris Christie: ‘The President Blew It’ by Shutting Down Government ‘With No Plan’


During an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show tonight, former New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie said President Donald Trump “blew it” by shutting the government down with no plan to accomplish his goal and reopening it.

“Where do you think the wheels came off during the shutdown?” Colbert asked Christie tonight.

“The president blew it,” replied Christie, who ran against Trump in the 2016 election but ultimately dropped out and became one of the president’s allies. “When he shut the government down with no plan to reopen it.”

The host then quipped about the shutdown and subsequent negative economic impact being “entirely [Trump’s] fault.”

Christie went on to tell Colbert about a conversation he had with Trump prior to the shutdown, during which he claims the president “asked [for] my advice” and he told him, “If you’re going to do this, you better have an exit plan because sometimes in politics things don’t go the way you expect, so if things don’t go well in the first couples days you gotta have a way to be able to get it back open.”

“I just said to him, it’s ok, it’s a power you have and if you want to do it you just have to have a plan that you accomplish something by it, and then reopen it,” he added.

The two concluded the discussion by going back and forth on if Trump got a “goose egg” or got “rolled.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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