Chris Christie: ‘You Can’t Argue’ That the Mueller Probe ‘Hasn’t Been Effective So Far’


While most of the MAGAverse supports President Trump‘s attacks on the Russia investigation, Chris Christie is reminding people that Robert Mueller‘s probe is not the baseless “witch hunt” critics say it is.

As Christie spoke for an event at the University of Chicago, the former New Jersey governor said its hard to call the investigation a waste when over a dozen Russian nationals have been indicted for election interference, and five former Trump aides have pled guilty because of Mueller’s findings.

“I’ve told him many times that there’s no way to make an investigation like this shorter, but there’s lots of ways to make it longer, and he’s executed on a number of those ways to make it longer… Bob Mueller himself is not a partisan. He’s an honest guy, a hard working guy, he’s smart, and you can’t argue that the investigation hasn’t been effective so far. A number of guilty pleas, couple of indictments in a year. It’s pretty good work. And so, I said all along, I don’t question Bob Mueller’s honesty or his integrity, never have, and having worked with him for years, I still wouldn’t.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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