Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Russia Probe, CNN’s Coverage

On Thursday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway had a lengthy, heated interview, much of it involving the ongoing Russia investigation.

After being asked about the latest developments, Conway turned the conversation back to Cuomo and his network, pointing to a recent poll that shows the Russia scandal gets 75% of the coverage even though only 6% of people think of it as the top issue and how his network doesn’t cover the issues that matter.

“You know we try to cover everything that matters,” Cuomo insisted.

“Eh,” Conway reacted.

She then questioned Cuomo’s assertion that the Russia investigation affects national security.

“The efforts by and on behalf of Russia to interfere in the election and what they may have tried to do, whom they may have tried to cultivate in furtherance of their efforts are very important questions,” Cuomo responded.

Conway disputed Cuomo’s assurance that his network doesn’t cover things like the most recent improvements in VA reform. Cuomo then challenged Conway on Trump’s assumption that this investigation was a “witch hunt” and that his involvement with Donald Trump Jr.‘s statement was “misleading at best.”

“There’s not going to be a single show on CNN, tonight tomorrow, the next day, unless you count the cooking shows or the Parts Unknown shows, that doesn’t feature this Russia, Russia, Russia!” she exclaimed.

Cuomo got defensive.

“I cover it because I think it’s right,” he said. “Because I want to know what the Russians did to try to get to the president’s son. I want to know. And I want to know that we now understand those tactics and techniques so we can stop it the next time. And I want to know what financial dealings may have been used if any to try and compromise people around the president.”

They also butted heads about Hillary Clinton and air quotes were used.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.


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