Chris Cuomo and Meghan McCain Debate Jim Acosta’s Reporting and Current State of Journalism


The View’s Meghan McCain accused Jim Acosta of trying to become a “TV star” instead of actually reporting while debating the state of media with CNN host Chris Cuomo this afternoon.

After The View began the segment by airing a Fox & Friends clip of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacking Acosta without naming him, Cuomo took shots at the rival cable news network.

“I’m sure that clip left out the vigorous questioning by the people on the couch of her,” Cuomo joked of the Fox & Friends hosts, who have a reputation of giving softball interviews to President Donald Trump and his allies. “Now obviously, I’m being facetious, they didn’t say anything and that’s why she goes on Fox News because she gets a pass. The administration favors that places because it’s the mothership.”

McCain then mentioned how journalists at CNN have used the Trump administration to boost their careers.

“Anyone at CNN, the Trump Administration has been good for a lot of personalities too,” she argued. “Jim Acosta would be the first person I’d present in this. You don’t think it’s appropriate for anchors to opine and to know the difference between journalists and opinion makers?”

After a co-host argued that reporters should “be able to call [the White House] out on the lies,” McCain agreed but added, “I don’t think they should want to be TV stars at the same time.”

“I think they’re amazing journalists by the way at CNN, Jake Tapper, S.E. Cupp, Van Jones, and then there are people like Jim Acosta that make me want to change the channel like Jim Acosta,” she said.

“Look, he doesn’t need me to defend him, he does well on his own,” Cuomo replied. “But him testing power, demanding accountability from power is his job — not a popular job.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman brought up Cuomo correcting Acosta recently, to which an outraged Joy Behar exclaimed, “What is this, hate Jim Acosta day?!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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