Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan Go At It Over Comey Statement


CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan sparred over the implications of former FBI director James Comey’s opening statements for his Thursday hearing.

The Republican congressman opened by echoing the GOP takeaway from Comey’s statement, that it “largely confirms what the president’s been saying, that he wasn’t under investigation.”

Jordan further held that Comey wrote in his statement that “the president told him to continue the Russian investigation, because the president wanted to be vindicated about certain things said about him.”

“I don’t see anywhere in this prepared statement where he says the president was urging him to continue the investigation. Where is that?” Cuomo asked.

“The president wanted the truth to come out,” Jordan replied.

The two went back and forth over Comey’s memorializing of his encounters with the president, before Cuomo said “it is interesting, congressman, that you are choosing to prioritize something that doesn’t have to do with the Russian investigation.”

Cuomo continued: “And ignoring statements from the former director of the FBI, where he says that the president asked him if he wanted to keep his job…and that he then said he needs loyalty from him…and then he asks him ‘I hope you can see your way to finish this Flynn thing.'”

“None of that concerns you?” he added.

“No what concerns me is the truth needs to get out and that’s what President Trump was trying to have accomplished.” Jordan replied.

Jordan then argued that both Trump and Comey agreed Mike Flynn was a “good guy,” but Cuomo argued that Comey was so concerned by the conversation, he felt compelled to memorialize it.

The two turned to the firing of Comey, with Cuomo arguing that “the fact Comey was fired, after he said he wouldn’t be loyal, and wouldn’t drop the Flynn probe, is very, very relevant, I agree with you about that, what’s your take on that?

Jordan said lawmakers had lost confidence in Comey, pointing out that he took heat as a Republican congressman for criticizing the FBI director’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation last year.

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