Chris Cuomo and WH Spox Raj Shah Go At It Over Immigration: ‘Why Make Them All Into Villains?’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with Deputy White House Press Secretary Raj Shah about immigration on Cuomo Primetime Wednesday evening, and the two got into a heated argument about immigration and the Trump administration’s characterization of people who enter the country illegally.

“You guys have a pretty intentional effort to make illegal immigrants – as you call them – monsters,” Cuomo told Shah. He went on to say that the DHS report the White House released today “fictionalizes the risk of terror that is represented by people who come into this country illegally.”

“Why inflate statistics and cherry-pick to make Americans afraid of these people?” Cuomo asked.

After some back-and-forth, Shah responded: “Illegal immigration can pose a public safety and terrorism threat to the United States. That report reinforces that point.”

Cuomo later asked Shah to elaborate on the fact that he had not denied that the president made comments during a particular meeting on immigration that many deemed, if true, vulgar and racist.

“I wasn’t in the meeting, to be clear,” Shah said. “I was told that the president used harsh language, he may not have used the exact words that were there. The president used tough language because immigration is a tough issue.”

Cuomo closed the segment by apologizing for his faux pas on Monday’s New Day when he called Shah “Raj whatever-his-name-is.”

“I’ll tell you one thing – I will never forget it,” he said.

Watch the full exchange above.

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