Chris Cuomo Battles AL Justice Roy Moore in Epic 25 Minute Interview on Gay Marriage

This you don’t see every day. New Day anchor Chris Cuomo battled Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for almost thirty straight minutes this morning over Moore’s order that Alabama probate judges ignore the Supreme Court and refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Some judges have followed Moore’s order, with same-sex couples filing to hold them in contempt.

Cuomo argued that Moore was substituting his own value judgments over the ruling of the higher courts, essentially Joe Scarborough’s argument from a couple days ago. Cuomo pointed out that Moore had a controversial history of doing so, most visibly when he was removed from his post in 2003 after he refused to take down a stone monument of the Ten Commandments in his court room. (Moore was reelected last year.)

Moore parried that at times justices are allowed to dissent from SCOTUS rulings if they are wildly in error, referencing the Dred Scott decision, a favorite rhetorical maneuver of gay marriage opponents. The most heated moment of the interview came when Moore demanded to know if Cuomo would have ruled in accordance with the Dred Scott decision had he been a justice in the olden days, and Cuomo responded that Moore was trying to shirk his obligations by foisting them onto others.

Watch the whole thing below, via CNN:

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