Chris Cuomo Blasts Fox News in Clash With Lewandowski: In Primetime They’re ‘Pawns for This President’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo clashed with Corey Lewandowski tonight over, among other things, the New Yorker report on President Donald Trump‘s cozy relationship with Fox News.

Cuomo said the relationship isn’t exactly big news, given how “they say, the president does.”

Lewandowski countered with examples like former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes‘ brother being the president of CBS News.

“And my brother is the governor of New York,” Cuomo said. “Those are all individual cases. It’s not a systemic effort of an entire network to do nothing but parrot the president’s positions and ignore anything that’s bad for him and attack other journalists who report differently!”

Lewandowski said Trump’s been very accessible to the media, but Cuomo immediately shot back, “That’s poppycock. He won’t even come on CNN. He only goes where he gets a pat on the back!”

As they kept going back and forth, Lewandowski pointed to Fox Newsers like Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto, and Judge Andrew Napolitano who are critical of Trump.

“You are picking individuals to make a case against the general from a management perspective,” Cuomo responded. “But in primetime TV and from a management perspective, they are pawns for this president and you know it!”

At one point Lewandowski brought up MSNBC and “the hatred and the vitriol” aimed at Trump there. He said, “Networks choose to do it for ratings is what they do. MSNBC, CNN, they all do it. It’s just Fox does it on the conservative side to be a balance.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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