Chris Cuomo Calls Out Fox News for ‘Deliberately Downplaying’ Child Migrant Crisis All Week


CNN’s Chris Cuomo ended the 9 pm hour Friday night by blasting Fox News for “deliberately downplaying” the migrant crisis all week long.

Cuomo started with a clip showing President Donald Trump talking about how some of the shelters for kids, “they’re really running them well.”

He then followed it up with a series of clips, including one of Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade saying “These aren’t our kids”  as evidence — according to Cuomo — that Fox News was serving as Trump’s echo chamber and selling the president’s message.

“This wasn’t a one-off. Fox has deliberately downplayed this crisis all week,” Cuomo said before playing more Fox News clips.

Cuomo then said this:

“Scary talk, and its designed to push this ‘Us versus them’ political philosophy. Painting migrants as dangerous folk, infesters, killers, gang bangers, and drug pushers… There is no question that some undocumented people come to America for bad reasons and do horrible things. We all should know the system has to be stronger, Congress has to do its damn job and make that better. But, a few is not all. Statistics bear out the facts and none of what they are telling you about migrants in general, representing a threat physically, economically, it’s not true. This has never been about the facts, it’s about feelings, politics of emotion. Powerful stuff.”

The CNN News host then noted that there are some limits to this and “once Fox realized that that’s not playing well with the public, they backed off just like Trump.”

Watch above, via CNN

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