Chris Cuomo Calls Out Trump’s ‘Inherently Abnormal’ Rhetoric: ‘Poisonous Precursor of Divisive and Dangerous Actions’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo devoted his “closing argument” segment to calling out President Donald Trump for a tumultuous week of increasingly bizarre and “inherently abnormal” rhetoric that exacerbated economic insecurity, smeared Jewish voters, and insulted a key NATO ally: “His words are not just talk, they are the poisonous precursor to divisive and dangerous actions.”

In a long soliloquy, Cuomo ran through the bewildering events of the week, which culminated with the president blithely joking about a huge drop in the Wall Street indexes sparked by his very public flip-flop on a promise to hold off on any new tariffs against Chinese goods until December.

“The truth is the president’s mouth is a threat to this country,” Cuomo began, pulling no punches. “I get why just his running his mouth this way might be excused by some of you. You’ve got low expectations of politics, and you’ll say: ‘I just look at what he does. That’s all I care about. I don’t like his style.’ But here’s my argument. His foul mouth is just the stench of a real wound.”

The CNN host then ran through how Trump’s toxic rhetoric is frequently matched by policies that drive wedges between peoples and countries, and punish the weak while rewarding the powerful.

“His words are not just talk. They are the poisonous precursor of divisive and dangerous actions,” he concluded. “We are way too focused on who is ‘us’ and who is ‘them,’ and that’s because of him. This is a country that owes its very existence and survival to unity and the destiny of diversity. He may be right about being the ‘chosen one,’ however. Because I argue he is the one chosen at this time to make you decide what you want your country to be about. This president is a living, breathing, tweeting example of a very different America than the one that made us great. And you will choose and look at everything that happens through that lens.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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