Chris Cuomo Challenges GOP Rep Over His Nepotism Hypocrisy: ‘Are You Bothered by Ivanka Trump?’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo battled it out with Republican Rep. Randy Weber during a tense one-on-one Friday night that hit on political nepotism, presidential integrity, and the Ukrainian president.

At one point, Cuomo grilled Weber about why he is so bothered about nepotism when it comes to the Bidens but appears to be far less bothered when it comes to the fact President Donald Trump‘s daughter works in the White House.

“So you’re bothered by the Bidens. Let me ask you a quick question. Are you bothered by Ivanka Trump working for the American people and negotiating intellectual property with China at the same time she’s visiting on a state visit?” Cuomo pressed.”Does that bother you?”

Weber noted that Ivanka Trump does not get paid.

“Chris, this whole family has sacrificed their fortune, their incomes,” he claimed.

“They’re making money hand over fist. They made like $80 something million last year in office,” Cuomo shot back. “They got finance deals for their buildings. They got intellectual property from China while they’re working for the government.”

Weber then said that the Trumps don’t have to stop being in business and Trump knows “what business is about.”

Cuomo then pressed him further, noting that he seems to have a different standard for the Bidens than the Trump and it appears that he is “not upset” about Ivanka’s China dealings.

“Do you see why people may shake their heads in disgust?” Cuomo asked.

In response, Weber argued that the family has put their finances on hold and that is why the economy is so strong.

“That’s why the G-7 is at Doral?” Cuomo probed, a question Weber did not answer, before noting you can have both “integrity in office” and a “great economy” and it is not an “either/or.”

“He’s got integrity with other countries,” Weber argued. “That’s the reason President Zelensky asked him to help clean up that corruption.”

Cuomo wasn’t buying it, claiming Zelensky actually asked Trump for no more than a “than a visit, some javelins and aid.”

“The idea that someone is going to seek him out as corruption counsel is a little bit of a stretch,” Cuomo reasoned.

Weber finally tried to argue that the Democrats have been after Trump “since day one.”

“What does that have to do with the facts at hand?” Cuomo asked, before bringing the interview to a close.

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