Cuomo Challenges Jim Jordan On Trump’s ‘Acting Like an Emperor’ Executive Orders

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) had a contentious exchange today about the connotations of President Donald Trump using executive orders to pass his agenda in lieu of congressional legislation.

The Republican representative appeared on New Day to talk about the president’s decision yesterday to sign a bill to start unwinding the Affordable Care Act. Cuomo noted how many Republicans complained when Barack Obama used executive orders to advance his plans, and he asked “why aren’t you saying the president is acting like an emperor and his job is to execute laws that are passed, not write his own?”

The two ended up locked in a heated debate about Obamacare’s legal standing and the conflicting data about whether it really is a failed policy. Jordan argued that Trump was “right” about how Obamacare needs to be repealed, though Cuomo pushed back by saying “just because a manufactured message about something being bad works doesn’t mean it is the truth.”

As the discussion about the health care logistics continued, Jordan said Trump’s orders were “consistent with the Constitution,” and that he approves of the measure since it helps fulfill the Republican Party’s promises.

“He is not subverting a law. He is stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies who have had record numbers the last few months…Let’s keep our word. Let’s do what we said. That’s what the president is focused on, that’s what I’m focused on, that’s what the Freedom Caucus is focused on.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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