Chris Cuomo Clashes With Corey Lewandowski Over CNN-WH Spat: Decorum ‘Starts at the Top’

Chris Cuomo clashed with Corey Lewandowski on CNN tonight over a federal judge ruling in favor of CNN against the White House after they pulled Jim Acosta‘s hard pass.

Lewandowski brought up comments made by CBS’ Major Garrett about decorum in the briefing room, but Cuomo shot back that decorum “starts at the top.”

“This president has made a practice of disrespecting anyone he doesn’t like,” he said. “There’s no one in that press room who comes close to addressing the President of the United States the way he addresses anyone he doesn’t like… Shouldn’t he act better than he does?”

Lewandowski insisted that Acosta was in the wrong for basically telling Trump “I’m going to challenge you.”

He said Trump “answers hard questions,” and Cuomo immediately shot back by saying, “Sometimes. Often not. Won’t come on here.”

He argued that it’s the President who has to change the way he speaks and who has the responsibility to tone down the angry rhetoric at these briefings, saying, “You can’t say that the president isn’t the one that is most violative of any sense of decency and decorum when it comes to our media culture.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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