Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep. Over Shutdown: ‘You Can’t Rely on the President’


With a partial government shutdown all but certain on the Friday night before Christmas, CNN’s Chris Cuomo sat down with Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), a Freedom Caucus member who supports Trump’s plan to hold out for his border wall.

At one point, Cuomo challenged Yoho’s assertation that the shutdown would help the men and women at the border.

“You’re going to have a shutdown that is supposedly done to help the men and women who are keeping us safe on the border but they — 54,000 of them at least at CBP — are going to have to work without pay because of the shutdown,” Cuomo said. “You say you’re doing this to help them but you’re going to punish them.”

Yoho objected.

“Wait a minute, let’s get the facts straight,” Yoho replied. “You’re saying ‘they’re working without pay.’ They get paid bimonthly probably the 1st and close to the 15th. Nobody’s missed a paycheck yet.”

Yoho then suggested the shutdown would likely not go beyond “say 72 to 96 hours” and as a result “nobody’s not getting paid” right now.

The Congressman then tried to divert the talk to a laundry list of other issues, ending with “we need to focus on those things that the nation is facing and these are serious threats to all of our nation and it transcends party politics.”

“There’s so much that transcends party politics,” Cuomo said, before returning to the federal workers impacted by the shutdown.

“I keep pushing you men and women, maybe the Christmas spirit will make a little bit of a difference or maybe you’ll see, you can’t rely on the president,” Cuomo then told Yoho. “I don’t mean it as a criticism, I mean it as an observation. You guys have to do the job for yourselves and then see him as his proper role, which is not directing legislation.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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